Apple watch series 5 full review

Apple introduces a new series of Apple watch with new iPhones every year. Apple watch series 5 has also launched with the iPhone 11 series.

Every year some new features are added to the Apple watch. Apple watches series 5 discussed always-on display. Apple said a specific always-on display feature during the launch of this series.

We have managed the Apple watch series 5 for a few days. Let’s know in the review that the Apple watch series is the best smartwatch?

Price of the Apple watch series 5

Let’s talk about the price of the Apple watch series 5; the 40 mm aluminum GPS model is Rs.40,900, and the cost of 40 mm aluminum GPS + Cellular is Rs.49,900.

Simultaneously, the price of 44 mm aluminum GPS is Rs.43,900, and the cost of 44 mm aluminum GPS + Cellular variant is Rs.52,900.

What is unique about the Apple watch series 5?

If we talk about features, it comes with an always-on display and some unique features like an in-built compass and international emergency calling, not in Apple watch series 4.

The Apple watch series 5 has a new Apple S5 processor, an in-built app for measurement ambient noise, and 38 GB storage.

The emergency calling feature will operate automatically during fall detection. This watch will be available in Aluminium, Stainless steel, Ceramic, and Titanium variants.

It has a watch OS6. This watch also has support e-sim, ECG and Wi-Fi, etc.

Designs of the Apple watch series 5

In terms of design and look, creating the Apple watch series 5 is similar to series 4. The digital cross (a kind of button) is the microphone on the right side, above the side button.

The Cellular variant of series 5 has a red stripe all around it. You can also use the cross to zoom and scroll the display.

Built quality is excellent, and even after continuous use for a month, there is no scratch on display. Protection of the display is capable-a-compliment.

Display of the series 5

Talking about the display, whether it is a sunny or dark night, the display’s performance is excellent. Its auto brightness works well.

You also get many types of inbuilt wallpapers. Apart from this, you can take more wallpaper from the face gallery of the Apple Watch app.

There was an electric sensor at the bottom for the Heart rate monitoring and ECG. The speaker is on the left side.

Let’s talk about the variant, and this watch is present in aluminum and stainless steel variants. The strap can choose according to your choice. You can also buy a separate stand which costs Rs.3,999.

Performance of the Apple watch series 5

 If we talk about calling, you are not going to have any problem with this. The speaker’s voice is excellent and clear during the conversation; whether you call from a cellular network or Bluetooth, there is no problem.

The speaker and microphone work nicely. There is also no problem with touch and any hot or hang in the watch.

Its awake feature works accurately. Apart from this, step tracker, ECG, and heart rate are also accurate.

Features of series 5

There is no problem with ECG. You can know your ECG report by placing your finger on the Crown for 30 seconds.

ECG reports can easily convert into PDF files through the app itself. The unique thing with this is that you can turn the phone’s camera on and off through this smartwatch, while most smartwatches don’t have this feature.

Another feature of this smartwatch is that even when the iPhone is locked, you can open and close the iPhone’s camera from this watch.

For example, you can snap photos from your watch via phone. Apple’s AI Siri supports the watch, which works well.

Along with the watch,  a walkie-talkie feature allows you to talk with a friend without a network. Although this feature works only on an Apple watch i.e., your friend must also have an Apple watch.

The apple watch series 5 can also measure noise pollution around you. Even an app in the watch that alerts you when the sound is more than 90 decibels this feature also works in crowded areas.

Battery backup

The Apple watch series 5’s battery takes 2 hours to charge fully. If there is always on display, you will get battery backups for one and a half days. Otherwise, the battery will run for two days.

The series 5’s battery is only for two days, and Apple needs to think about the battery.

Cons of Apple watch series 5

You don't get the sleep tracking feature in this watch; in such a situation, the Apple watch series 5 cannot tell you slept last night and how long you slept in a deep sleep.
We use the sleep ++ app during the review, but this app does not work accurately as an inbuilt sleep tracker in a smartwatch. 
Apart from this, this smartwatch also doesn't have automatic activity features. For example, if you ride a bicycle, then the Apple watch series 5 cannot give information. Although an app named Activity is also available with it, it doesn't work correctly.
However, the watch has a workout feature that will turn on. For example, if you are running, then you have to select the running mode.


Overall, it is a bet Apple smartwatch because it comes with many variants and specific features like emergency calling, ECG scanner, heart rate sensor, etc. Still, there is some lack of features such as sleep tracking and automatic activity tracker. It also has short battery life.

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