Apple Watch Series 6 Full Review

Even though Apple has introduced its watch as a smartwatch, it is becoming a vital health gadget over time. Apple has launched its new look and its new Apple watch series 6

The look and design of thin new series are also given like the watch series four and watch series 5. But this watch also offers a variety of health monitoring systems such as a blood oxygen monitoring system (SpO2) and improved sleep tracker

According to Apple’s claim, the new series smartwatch can measure blood oxygen levels in just 15 seconds. There was A blood oxygen level tracker for tracking Coronavirus. 

Price of the Apple watch series 6

Apple Watch Series 6
Apple Watch Series 6

You can buy the Apple watch series 6 in grey, silver, gold and blue aluminum finish color option in addition to the product RED. Its stainless steel model will come in graphite or yellow gold. 

At the same time, its top-end model will get in natural and black titanium. The 40mm model of the Apple watch series six is coming to the market at $399. Its GPS variant costs Rs.40,900 in India

At the same time, its GPS + Cellular model costs RS 49,900. There is no USB charging cable or adapter with it.

What is unique about the Apple watch series 6?

The new Apple watch series 6 has a new S6 processor, 20% faster than the previous series. It is based on Apple’s in-house A13 chip. This time we can see a significant update in the Apple Watch.

It gives a better performance than all previous series. It comes with 18-hour battery life and also takes 1.5 hours to get fully charged. 

Let’s talk about its display features; it has 2.5 times better on-display than the previous series. In this display, you can see the content better indoor and outdoor. 

Apart from this, you can change notifications, control centers, watch faces, etc. Apple has also added a new always-on element sensor to it, which gives information about real-time evaluation.

Apple watches series 6 runs on the company’s new watch OS7. Apart from this, the major update is the fitness app is rebranded in it. It is named Fitness Plus. 

It also has some new features added to it like workout features, hand wash features, etc. 

Apple has added a new family set-up feature to this new series to help parents manage their children’s Apple watch. Also, in this watch, you can track calls, notifications, locations, etc.

Design of the Apple watch series 6

The design of the Apple watch series 6 is also similar to the series 5. We have used a 44mm stainless steel variant. This alternative has frame and crown steel, while the sensor space and display have glass.

The smartwatch is being stainless steel, and this smartwatch weighs a bit more than others. The stainless steel variants weigh 47.1 grams.

The watch appears with a white silicone strap which is expensive. The color of the belt is not going to deteriorate, nor is it going to scratch. 

You can zoom in and out with the help of Crown. Apart from this, you also can go to the menu by pressing the Crown. When you press the power button, it will show all the recent tabs you used previously. 

By long holding the power button, the watch can be turned off and also can make emergency calls. You will find this watch in Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Blue, and Product RED variants. Also, there is a lot of variety with straps. 

Anyway, in terms of design, Apple didn’t make any specific changes yet. This time speaker has also got a place on the left side and the microphone or power button placed on the right side just below the Crown. 

There was a sensor with ceramic glass for heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring (SpO2) at the watches below the side. 

Overall the design of this series is similar to series 5. 

Display review of Apple watch series 6

Apple Watch Display

As far as the display is concerned, the Apple watch series 6 (44mm) has a 1.78-inch Retina LTPO OLED display with 448*367 pixels. 

There is no difficulty with the display, and it is an always-on display which makes it unique. The show can appear comfortable even in harsh sunlight. 

The maximum brightness of this watch series outdoor is automatic up to 1000 nits. There is no problem in reading the content that comes on the display. 

The notifications that come with the photos can also saw clearly. There is also strong glass on display. In such a situation, there are no easy scratches on display. 

Hardware review 

Apple watches series 6 has an S6 processor, which is a 64-bit dual-core processor. The S6 is 20% faster than the S5 chipset.

 It also has a W3 wireless chip for Bluetooth 5.0. Apart from this, the work of this chip is also to connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi. 

This watch will not damage even after going in 50 meters of water so that you can swim with it. In the Apple watch series, you will get more sensors than any other watch. 

In this watch, you will get a heart rate sensor, a SpO2 sensor for blood oxygen, and an electrical heart sensor in Digital Crown for ECG. 

It also has an altimeter, accelerometer for fall detection, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, GPS, and compass. It does not have QI wireless charging, but you can charge it with Apple’s magnetic charger, although Apple should give wireless charging to it. 

Software and performance review

The Apple Watch comes with watch OS 7. The user interface has been given slightly more than before, and the app placement is change.

The Apple Watch comes with watch OS 7. The user interface has been given slightly more than before, and the app placement is change.

With this OS, you are also getting a hand wash reminder; the specialty of this feature is that it also has a 20-second timer. A unique part of the hand wash reminder is that if you come home from outside and don’t wash your hand for a minute or two, you will get a reminder. 

It has a sleep schedule that works with the sleep monitoring app, but one problem is that if you didn’t schedule your sleep, it doesn’t record your sleep pattern. 

There are some more unique features, including idol alert, breathing alert, watch to calling, messaging, voice level, etc. Apple Watch can’t use with Android phones. You can use active e-sim in this watch You can take an accurate ECG report in 30 seconds by pressing a finger in the Crown of the watch. You also can detect blood-oxygen levels in just 15 seconds by using the blood oxygen features. 


Overall, the Apple watch series 6 is a health gadget. If you have a budget and want to have the best smartwatch with a health gadget, then the Apple watch series 6 is perfect for you. 

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